Exercise of the week: Let's go to the park

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Keep active and have fun at the same time

Pregnant woman and child playing in the park

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With the Easter holidays fast approaching and the weather hopefully improving, heading to the park is a great way to get some fun free exercise!

If you already have children of your own, it's a good opportunity to spend some time together being active before baby arrives. If you're expecting your first baby, offer to take out nieces and nephews or friend's children - they'll be grateful for the break and it'll give you some practise!

If you have a park or play area close by, leave the car at home and walk there. 30 minutes of walking each day provides real benefits to both you and baby. If you're out and about with young children, pushing a buggy will give your arms a good workout at the same time.

Play some games involving gentle exercises such as marching on the spot and stretching.

Don't forget to take some bottled water and healthy snacks. If you're planning on being out and about for a few hours, make sure you take a couple of breaks throughout the day and stay hydrated.

Getting out and being active in the fresh air will not only leave you feeling energised but it can help you sleep better and combat the groggy feeling of morning sickness often felt in early pregnancy.

For more information on pregnancy health and advice go to www.nhs.uk/Start4Life
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