Pregnancy myth #9 'You can't fly to another country'

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Unsure if you can get on a plane while you are pregnant? Read on...

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If you have a holiday booked or your work involves a lot of travel you might be unsure about the rules regarding flying now that you're pregnant.

Before you travel make sure you discuss flying with your midwife or GP. You'll also need to check with the airline you'll be using as well as your travel insurance company to make sure they will allow you to travel. Some airlines will not let you fly towards the end of your pregnancy.

If you plan on flying after week 28 of your pregnancy you will need a letter from your midwife stating that your pregnancy is normal and that you are in good health. The letter will include your due date.

Some women prefer not to travel during their first trimester. This is mainly because of the high levels of exhaustion and nausea during those first 12 weeks. If however you feel well and have discussed travel with your GP there is no reason why you can't fly during this time.

During your flight make sure you:

- Drink plenty of water
- Do calf exercises (your airline will have information regarding this)
- Don't sit for a long time - get up and walk up and down the plane whenever you have a chance
- Wear loose, breathable clothing
- Adjust your seat belt so that the strap lies below your bump

Don't forget to research your destination. Check out the countries health care and make sure you can get medical help if you need it. If you need vaccinations for the country you're travelling to you will need to check that they are safe to have whilst pregnant.

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