Swap that for this: Greasy fry up vs a grilled breakfast

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Some small changes to the way you prepare your breakfast can make a big difference

Fry up

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A traditional English fry up contains around 600 calories and is packed with saturated fat but you don't have to miss out on your Sunday breakfast as long as you make a few changes to the way you prepare it.

There's nothing wrong with a cooked breakfast as long as it's a 'grill up', not a 'fry up' .

Lean bacon is a good source of protein, essential for aiding the growth of your baby, just trim the fat and put it under the grill.

Eggs contain important iron and calcium so to get the benefits poach or boil them. Don't forget to make sure that the yolk and white are both thoroughly cooked and solid.

Baked beans are a brilliant source of fibre and a grilled tomato will provide vitamins.

Accompany with some toasted wholemeal bread and a glass of orange juice.

For more information on pregnancy health and advice go to www.nhs.uk/Start4Life
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