Pregnancy myth #5 'Having sex might hurt the baby!'

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Feeling frisky? Don't be frightened! We dispel another popular pregnancy myth

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The fear of hurting the baby during sex is a common concern for a lot of pregnant women, but there's no need to worry.

Your baby is well cushioned by a sac of fluid well beyond the neck of the womb and there's no medical evidence to suggest that sex during pregnancy does any harm to the baby.

Some women even experience mild contractions during and after sex but they are not powerful enough to start labour if your body is not ready.

If your due date is getting close, sex may help to start labour. Substances called prostaglandins are contained in semen and can help to soften the cervix and hormones released during foreplay can encourage the womb to contract.

Many couples find that pregnancy improves their sex life and provides an opportunity to try out different positions.

Why not have a look at our 'sex tip of the day' for some inspiration?

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