Get nesting! Prepare your home for baby's arrival

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It's time to sort out and scrub up in preparation for the little one

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The run up to your due date is a great time to get your home in order. Take some time out of your maternity leave or dedicate a weekend to get rid of clutter, finish off diy projects and prepare your home for baby's arrival.

Be brutal - If you haven't used it, worn it or looked at it for years you might want to donate to charity. You'll be needing that valuable cupboard space!

Rearrange - Having a good shuffle round can give a room a new lease of life. Think about making a space to keep your pram and perhaps designate an area downstairs for a changing table. Just make sure you get someone to help you shift the bigger stuff!

Deep clean - Polish, dust, hoover under the couch and give everywhere a good scrub. The cleaner your home is before baby arrives, the less you'll have to do to maintain it for a few weeks. Just be careful when using strong cleaning products such as bleach and oven cleaner. Always wear gloves and keep the room you're working in well ventilated.

Fill the freezer - Plenty of easy to prepare meals will make the end of your last trimester and the first few weeks of motherhood that little bit easier. If you can, avoid buying lots of supermarket ready-meals as they are often very high in salt. Try cooking up batches of your own freezable favourites instead. Bolognese, Shepherds pie, stew and curry are all ideal meals that can be prepared and kept frozen in plastic containers.

How do you keep your home organised?

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