Pregnancy myth #3 'You'll have to get rid of the cat!'

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Cat lovers rejoice! There's no need to give poor Tiddles the boot!

Cute kitten

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Good news! Your furry companion can still curl up and watch Corrie with you!

However, whilst there's no need to start avoiding your pet, you will need to steer clear of his kitty litter whilst pregnant.

Cat poop carries a parasitic infection called toxoplasmosis, if you catch this whilst pregnant it can cause birth defects such as eye and brain damage.

If you can, then get someone else to clean the litter tray. If you have no choice but to do it yourself, then make sure you clean it daily as the parasite becomes infectious after just a day. Wear your marigolds and wash your hands afterwards.

You can have a blood test to find out if you are already immune to toxoplasmosis.

If you've had cats as pets for a long time you may have had the infection already, in which case you won't get it again and your baby won't be at risk.

Because stroking a cat can be a calming activity, taking five minutes to sit with your feline friend can help reduce stress levels and even have a positive effect on your blood pressure.

What are some of the strangest pregnancy myths you've been told?

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