Exercise of the week: Swimming

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Ease aches and pains with a relaxing swim this week

Pregnant woman swimming

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Swimming is a great exercise during pregnancy. Not only does it get you using both sets of large muscle groups in your arms and legs but it provides great cardiovascular benefits.

Being in water will make you feel weightless despite those extra pounds and help provide relief for muscle and back pain.

Swimming for up to 30 minutes a few times a week can improve circulation and increase your body's ability to process and use oxygen which will benefit both you and baby.

Here are a few tips for swimming safely whilst pregnant;

- Start slowly - make sure you warm up and cool down
- Swim for around 30 minutes at a time and don't overexert yourself
- Drink plenty of water before and after
- Try breaststroke - it lengthens chest muscles and shortens your back muscles, two areas that can become misaligned as your body changes throughout pregnancy

Swimming during your third trimester? You might need a maternity swimsuit.

Mothercare have an affordable range of maternity swimwear to keep you and your bump supported and comfortable in the pool.

Maternity swimwear

For more information on pregnancy health and advice go to www.nhs.uk/Start4Life
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